タイトル 強度近視から病的近視で引き起こされた私の眼底出血!
更新日時 2016/11/27 09:41
タイトル A composer Isao Tomita (冨田 勲)
本文On Sunday I enjoyed a TV program  "Untit...
更新日時 2016/08/01 20:22
タイトル A documentary film "Florence and the Uffizi Gallery" 3D/4K
本文The othe day I saw a documentary film "F...
更新日時 2016/08/06 20:10
タイトル My favorite paintings in "Mary Cassatt exhibition" at Yokohama Museum of Art
本文Now Yokohama Museum of Art has been exhibiting &qu...
更新日時 2016/09/19 20:14
タイトル A comic storyteller ダイアン吉日 on board
本文There were various entertainments and special even...
更新日時 2016/07/06 21:17
タイトル A 10-day trip to Okinawa and Taiwan by ship
本文I took a 10 day trip to Okinawa and Taiwan by a cr...
更新日時 2016/07/03 22:38
タイトル The hydrangeas are in full bloom in my garden !
本文I imagine you've enjoyed a lot of hydrangeas h...
更新日時 2016/06/24 20:33
タイトル Renoir exhibition at Kokuritsu-Shin-Bijutsukan
本文My friend invited me to The National Art Center, T...
更新日時 2016/06/24 15:01
タイトル Historical story comics, The Tale of Genji " Asakiyumemishi "
本文In our English class a member introduced comics &q...
更新日時 2016/06/06 21:45
タイトル "Gems & Jewellery of the Medici" at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
本文I enjoyed an exhibition called "Gems and Jewe...
更新日時 2016/05/28 20:35
タイトル ”樹をめぐる物語” exhibition at Sompo Japan......
本文The other day I visited the Seiji Togo M...
更新日時 2016/05/18 23:23
タイトル Small Talk about Carnations !
本文The second Sunday of May was "Mother's Da...
更新日時 2016/05/13 20:57
タイトル Three recent movies "The Revenant", "Spotlight" and "Room"
本文Lately I've seen three movies "Spotlight&...
更新日時 2016/05/01 20:54
タイトル My favorite paintings "Madonna & the Child"
本文The other day I enjoyed "Botticelli exhibitio...
更新日時 2016/04/24 20:47
タイトル Seiki Kuroda( 黒田清輝展 ) at Ueno
本文I went to Ueno Park to enjoy the exhibition of Sei...
更新日時 2016/05/18 21:37
タイトル Caravaggio exhibition at Ueno (カラヴァッジョ展)
本文I went to the National Museum of Western Art, Toky...
更新日時 2016/05/18 22:22
タイトル ”Mr. Holmes”(名探偵最後の事件)
本文Could you imagine the eldery great detective Sherl...
更新日時 2016/04/04 20:37
タイトル Alzheimer's disease in a book "Still Alice"
本文I had written about a movie "Still Alice"...
更新日時 2016/03/26 21:33
タイトル フクシマ復興支援チャリティコンサート
本文I went to Aobadai, Yokohama to enjoy the concert n...
更新日時 2016/03/16 21:17
タイトル " The 88th Acadmy Awards " & Leonardo DiCaprio
本文I finally watched the ceremony of the 88th Academy...
更新日時 2016/03/07 20:07
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