Stop calling me a *caveman*, for Pete's sake! 2017/04/16 11:37


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One stupid day in a weird hamlet in a crazy God-forsaken country, a muscular, heavily-tanned, wild-looking man comes out of a cave:

EUROPEAN: (Spotting the man from the cave)
Excuse me, but are you a caveman?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: A caveman, huh? How dare you call me a caveman!!! You should know better!

EUROPEAN: Why, you DO look like a caveman, with your muscles and all. Besides, you've just come out of the cave!

MAN FROM THE CAVE: But I'm not a caveman!

EUROPEAN: What would you call yourself then?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: I'd call myself a "vexman."

EUROPEAN: What the heck's a vexman?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: I call myself a vexman because I'm vexed on account of your stupid remark. So I'm a vexman, nothing else, of course. Don't make me state the obvious! Besides, no part of my body is concave, so I can't ever be a caveman. People who bear children are called cavemen. We, people who make them bear children, are called vexmen because a part of our body is convex, not concave. Where did you go to school, on the Antarctica? You should've learned all that at your kindergarten!

EUROPEAN: (Dumbfounded.)