Call me a taxi, for Heaven's sake! 2017/04/16 11:26


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One day, at the receptionist's desk of a shabby hotel:

GUEST (perhaps a Japanese, failing to speak grammatically):
Please call me taxi.

RECEPTIONIST: Oh, pleased to meet you, Mr. Taxi.

The following day:

GUEST: Okay, then, please call me a taxi this time.

RECEPTIONIST: Sure, I will. Say, Mr. Attack-see, what are you going to attack and see now?

The day after that, at that same shabby hotel:

GUEST: Well, I don't know what to say any more, but I'm going to give it another try. Please hail a taxi for me. And don't make fun of me any more, okay?

RECEPTIONIST: I've never shown you any disrespect, sir. All the honorable guests at my humble hotel appreciate me as a cordial servant. You see, sir, the yellow cab over there? That one is the most beautiful of all the cabs in town. I can't ever get tired of looking at it. Okay, that's it. I "hailed" a taxi for you. Have a good day, my good sir.

Thus the miserable guest failed to get a cab yet again.